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ADD: Dapu Industrial Zone
TEL: +86-769-85706808
FAX: +86-769-85706493
EMAIL: sales@dgwangshi.com



    Dongguan Fawang Electrician Machinery Factory is established in 1998.

    Dongguan Fengshuo Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. is established in 2003.

    Dongguan Wangshi Electrical Equipment and Material Co., Ltd. is established in 2005. 


    It is a professional enterprise which engaged in designing and manufacturing automatic equipment and material for wires &

    cables in Zhujiang Delta. As one of the major factories for wire&cable equipment, we developed China market successfully

    as a high quality brand over the past 12 years with cost effective and high quality machines.


    Furthermore,it has introduced advanced equipment, processing techniques and management styles from Japan, Taiwan Area,

    Europe and America. The company has experienced professional technical personnel and produces various products with

    superior quality for a large number of customers with strong capabilities. The main product including high speed

    automatic double or single twisting machine、extrusion production line ,copper wire drawing machine and around             equipments of wire & cable with different kinds.


    The company persists in the management principle of "based on market with trustworthiness, develop market with quality     to concentrate on building up mutual trusts and development together with customers in a long-term cooperative              partnership".


    Thanks to superior quality, perfect services and advanced techniques, it has garnered good praise from customers.

    Customers' request is our standard! Customers' success is our success!

    Hoping to become a sincere partner on your journey to success!