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ADD: Dapu Industrial Zone
TEL: +86-769-85706808
FAX: +86-769-85706493
EMAIL: sales@dgwangshi.com

    Dongguan Wangshi electrical equipment & Material Co. Ltd. is committed to long-term high-quality wire and cable machine,   for stranding machine pair-twisting machine cabling machine and extrusion machine R & D, design, manufacturing, sales and  service, the company continued to conduct market research and evaluation according to the market demand, has developed a variety of new products, obtains the customer the consistent high praise!

    The company launched the latest stranding machine, high speed 200 high-speed twist fine wire; speed 5000RPM, wire diameter: 0.02mm-0.08mm, widely used in tinned wire, silver wire, copper alloy wire and enameled wire etc..


    Company for suitable for soft and hard copper or aluminum stranded ( yarn ), network class 5E, class 6, class 6A or a local cable more than four pairs of core wire into the cable.

    Development of 800-1250 high-speed cable machine.